Anthony + Sabine

By the time you will read this I will have written and re-written it at least a dozen times. There is so much to say about this wonderful couple. Anthony and Sabine have always been our biggest fans. They've always showered us with praise, even when we were just babies in the business and it meant the world to us. 

When I imagine the relationship I would like to have with my sons as they grow older, I hope with every ounce of my being that they love me like Dominic loved Sabine. He loved her deeply and everyone knew it. He was the only co-worker I told about my plans to marry the love of my life, and he even worked my shift so we could run off into the sunset together because we couldn't wait another minute. I never got to tell him just how much that meant to us, to me but I wish I did. I can't imagine what losing a child, your only child, feels like and I pray to God that I never find out. The strength that this woman has daily is nothing short of inspiring. She is now the voice for her son and she works tirelessly to ensure his passing was not in vain in hopes that no other parent has to suffer through what she carries with her every day. 

When Sabine approached us for a photo session with her perfect match Anthony, her Schatzi, before they begin their new chapter in Arkansas, we knew exactly where we wanted to do them. After a day of clouds and gloom, the skies opened up just as we arrived and it could have not been more beautiful. It was an absolute honor to capture their "see you later" to the place they've called home in the place named in memorial of Dominic. May God bless you both as you breathe in this breath of fresh air, you absolutely deserve every minute of it. We love you! 

Below are some of our favorites of Anthony and Sabine. If you aren't familiar with life and legacy of Dominic or the incredible work of this red haired German firecracker I encourage you to visit this link to read more.