Baby E - Riverside Newborn Photographer

It seems like the biggest struggles photographers face are internal. At least for me. I am constantly trying to push myself, to be better and do better each session to make my clients happy, but also to be 100% proud of the work I am putting out. 

Newborn photography is unlike other areas in that it involves a LOT of time, a LOT of props which means a LOT of money. I don't like using my husband's paychecks to pay for my studio stuff so instead I use a little bit from every shoot I book to build my prop stash and client styling closet. This was the first time my husband looked at the photos and told me I had earned the right to buy what I felt I needed because my work was worth it. Not that he didn't make me feel confident or good enough before, but just hearing those words spoke volumes to my very self-critical heart at the perfect time. 

Here are just a couple of my favorite images from this absolute dream of a tiny human to enjoy: