Diy Christmas Gift // Stove Top Simmer Scent Jars

I love to entertain friends & family in our home but I always feel like I shouldn't send them home empty handed. We hosted a friendsgiving this year & I wanted to do something a little festive but also that they would find useful..queue the simmer scent jar. 


They are so easy to make & the recipient just has to dump the jar & simmer to fill their home with the yummiest scents. There are so many different combinations you can put together but I put something that was a mix between Thanksgiving & Christmas. 

For my holiday inspired simmer scent jar you will need the following: 

  • Jars (I used Ball tight lid but you can really use anything that closes)
  • Oranges or tangerines & sugar for sprinkling on top 
  • Christmas tree trimmings 
  • Vanilla (I used a tbs per jar) 
  • Cloves (I also used a tbs each) 
  • Fresh cranberries (or if you can't find them in store cranberry juice works too) 
  • Cinnamon sticks (I used 2-3 per jar) 
  • Water to fill 

The first thing I did was preheat the oven to 200 degrees and placed a tray of my sliced and sugar covered tangerines in there to dry up. This took around 2hrs. 

When the tangerines were finishing up I started to assemble my jars. There's no real science to it since they're going to mix together once the water is poured  in so any way you like is fine. Once the ingredients are in the jars just fill to the top with water.

Once the jars are assembled & the lid is closed tight you can leave them as is or decorate them with ribbon, gift tags etc. I chose to tie a little bit of twine around the jars & add a gift tag with instructions on how to use them + an extra trimming from the Christmas tree. The gift instructions were as follows: "Simmer on the stove & enjoy as the scents fill your home. Add more water as needed to continue use."