Family Session // Riverside, California Family Photographer (Oak Glen)

I had the pleasure of capturing this little sassy toddler last year for her 2nd birthday but she didn't really feel like putting on a show for the weird lady with the camera that day. I knew going into this session (she's now a big sister!) that I would have to win her over a little faster than last time if I wanted to be able to deliver a memorable gallery to mom & dad..who knew a little toot humor was all I needed to get her on my side? :) 

Sometimes being a parent can feel like a game of tug of war between you and your kids. They are constantly testing boundaries, giving you sass, exploring the world with their toes on the ledge, but then they slow down just as you think you couldn't possibly handle any more & they grab your leg and hide under your coat, or hold your fingers because their little hand can't hold all of yours just yet, or..give you a too hard Eskimo kiss because they just love you so much. It may feel like an eternity of "terrible twos" in my home right now, but I know that every day we are growing farther from the days where he wants one more "kissy" before bed or when he insists that I let him sit on my feet as he watches his favorite cartoon. Seeing these little ones reminded me to focus on the little. 

Here are some of my favorites from this Oak Glen family session to enjoy.