I'm so glad you're here! My name is Tara Nichole. I am a single mama to two crazy boys. When I don't have my camera in my hand it's usually been replaced with a green tea. I live for pajama days and spending time with my family. I’ve been photographing babies since 2014 and it’s just absolutely what I love to do.

        I love photography because after becoming a mother I realized just how quickly our littles grow and just how much of that we can miss with it happening right in front of our eyes. Photography is an opportunity to press pause. The way your husband looked at you as you walked down the aisle towards him on your wedding day, the smile that stretched from one side of your daughter's face to the other as she met her new baby brother in the hospital, the little smiles that graced your newborn baby's face when you nuzzled your nose into their soft cheek. Our days are made up of so many tiny moments in time we take for granted, as if we will have them forever. 


       I am a photographer who captures love. I am a photographer who captures authentic interactions. I am a photographer who gives moments in time to treasure forever, & I love every single minute of it.